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Sofia Panayiotaki

Founder & Executive Producer

After breaking news stories for the world’s biggest media outlets, Sofia coordinated the HD broadcast of the Summer Olympics in Athens. Nowadays, she oversees more than 300 productions a year, among which are TVCs, TV series, feature films and music videos. As well as knowing Greece like the back of her hand, Sofia loves capturing the country’s beauty on film and finding amazing solutions for our clients’ needs.

Elisabeth Hadzinikolaou

Head of NEEDaFIXER Greece Office

Elisabeth broadened her formal education in Britain and has spent more years in the film industry than one can count on two hands. She juggles both local and global projects, ensuring that our production machine stays well-oiled and running smoothly. Fluent in several tongues, she’s a talented communicator with an uncanny ability to make things happen.

Giacomo Calistri & Laura Innocenti


Before making their mark on the travel world, Giacomo and Laura jumpstarted their careers in short films. Their signature style features “flowmotion” hyperlapses that bend the limits of time and space. Whether it’s the sea, beaches, people, food or culture, they know how to highlight the quintessential details that define Greece.

Emmanuela Fragiadaki

Assistant Director

Emmaneula supports our directors in every way possible, from organising production schedules, arranging logistics and preparing daily call sheets to monitoring cast and crew, keeping order on set and taking care of the crew’s health and safety. She backs up her experience with an impressive filmography, with directing credits on Mamma Mia, The Durrells, Before Midnight and more.

Galateia Kapralou

Senior Producer

Galateia was educated at the University of Patras (Greece) and graduated with distinction from University of Edinburgh (UK). Afterwards, she broke into the media industry, where she eventually landed a gig at NEEDaFIXER Greece. She has coordinated big league productions for BBC, ITV, Nat Geo, Channel 4, Al Jazeera and VICE Studios. Plus many more.

Spyros Drakopoulos

Field Producer & Location Manager

With extensive film and video experience, both with local and overseas clients, Spyros bounces smoothly between a variety of roles. As one of our main men on the ground, he is able to match any brief with the perfect location. Recently, he has managed productions for BBC PANORAMA, Great Continental Railway Journeys, and Red Dog Collective’s Kingdom Come.

Petros Madouvalos

Location manager - Production manager

Petros is the go-to person on location. He looks after the crew and client while filming. Whenever issues arise, he’s the one who troubleshoots. He is a great location scouter too and on top of that, he makes sure the pieces needed for a successful shoot are all in place, including ordering special gear and sourcing all that may be required.

Anastasia Moumtzaki

Production Coordinator

Anastasia has worked as the senior producer of VICE Greece for four years. For over five years, she freelanced for BBC and other international media covering the Greek financial crisis. Both local and international audiences have tuned into her docs on social, political and economic issues. She has also produced news features in places as far as Afghanistan, Philippines and Nepal.

James Chamberlain

Head of Post Production

James’s post-production credits span music videos, commercials, TV shows and corporate films for major networks and labels. These include BBC, MTV, VH1, Shedmedia and Virgin EMI. He has also freelanced as a producer for Costa and Red Bull TV. At NEEDaFIXER Greece, James is directly involved in the post-production of our award-winning content.

Jason Verbis

Creative Producer

Jason is one of our most trusted fixers and our creative production coordinator. He earned a bachelor’s degree in communication, media and culture at Panteion University in Athens. When he’s not on set or coming up with great ideas, concepts and treatments, Jason manages social media and whips up snazzy graphic designs.

Dimitris Papageorgiou

Graphic Design-Senior Art Editor

An accomplished graphic designer with more than 18 years of work experience, our external contributor Dimitris designs our storyboards, treatments and marketing materials for NEEDaFIXER. His extensive portfolio covers branding, packaging, print design, advertising, corporate ID, web design, and UI design

Mike Billis

Sound Design

Mike has rocked the music industry since 1998 as an artist, composer producer and sound designer, collaborating with big record companies like Warner, Sony and Universal. Since 2002, he has composed music for commercials, documentaries and cinema. His tracks have earned numerous awards, including best original score and sound design.

Petros Trechas


Petros keeps our world alight. As the head of our electrical department, he’s in charge of designing and executing the lighting plan for our productions in Greece. Not only is he responsible for providing electrical needs on set, but he also works closely with our directors to achieve the desired look. Crews call him “Bestros” because he is so good at his job.

Violetta Siettou

Travel Fixer

Violetta makes it happen in the back office, helping our team members around the world with their projects. This involves setting up travel, accommodation and logistics for our production coordinators. Before joining NEEDaFIXER Greece, she was in charge of reservations, general management and finance at Rodia Studios, a family owned local business.

Michalis Tsotras

Hair & Makeup

For over 15 years, Michalis has worked and trained with some of the best stylists in the field. In his constant search of new techniques, he has travelled to various countries and studied with Vidal Sassoon Academy, London, Toni & Guy, Patrick Cameron, Tim Hartley, Mahogany and more. Always up to date with the latest fashion trends, he brings out the unique and individual natural beauty of every client and matches it to any occasion.

Agis Kastsaras

Community Manager

Agis keeps our directors, talent and crews happy, which isn’t easy when you have to manage a production house as big as ours. But Agis can handle it. After all, he was a social media handler for two years. Now he earns worldwide gaming achievements. Most importantly, he’s a great people person. What more do you need? Whether you’re a film fixer or looking for one in Greece, feel free to connect with Agis.

Alex Konstantinou

Head of Finance

Alex is one-part head of finance and one-part smooth operator. He studied media in Athens, and he’s worked on hard-hitting media campaigns for premier Greek hotels. Besides looking out for our bottom line, Alex loves sealing deals so that our productions in Greece and abroad always come out on top.

Leonidas Sfyris


Leo’s the go-to for all things technical. He studied electrical engineering in East London, scooped his master’s at Metropolitan University, and he’s been the king of coding ever since. When it comes to data management, Leo safeguards our precious and seemingly endless video files. He also packs a ton of knowledge on web design, server setup and management, plus other techy fields to boot

George Manolopoulos


George started with CGI 15 years ago and hasn’t stopped since. When a raw image fails to tell its story, he brings it to life with high-quality visual effects. He is used to working closely with active studios in Greece, mainly for high-end commercials and films. His expertise covers 3D compositing, colour grading and matching, integrating CGI elements with live footage and 2d-3d tracking, among other VFX fields.

Dominiki Vasiageorgi


Ready for your close-up? Dominiki prepares our actors to look beautiful on shoots. She has excelled as a stylist for Greek TV, films and professional theatre groups for over 15 years. A flexible stylist, she knows how to accommodate wardrobe needs based on the production. She even has her own wardrobe to guarantee the most cost-effective yet stylish result.

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